2012-04-03 15:15:37 by AngryPurple

Thats right. I am leaving the newgrounds portal. Im not posting here except for maybe a review or two. im focusing on my youtube channel, AngryPurpleStudios. check it out. and, of course, im here to pay my respects to edd. sad he had to go. rst in peace, edd.


2011-07-20 09:51:45 by AngryPurple

Not looking for co-authors, i want to know what your favorite game(s) or movie(s) are/is, cause im looking for something good. Maybe something long, cause i could see all the Catface cartoons, Destructo Box shorts, and play Madness Deathwish 2 in about an hour and a half.I'll be happy to recomend some games or movies to you.

I need answers

2011-07-17 22:01:35 by AngryPurple

Any flash authors who read this, tell me what nimation software you use. I need to start a madness day toon but my software crashed. It was shit anyway, so i need a good FREE software for Windows 7. Completly of topic, my profile pic changed from AngryPurple's head to MegaAngryPurple. Here's a sample (feel free to add to your pics).

I need answers

Im looking for some co-authors to work with, cause im horrible on my own. I've alreday talked to solidwings about a project, so if a full out collab is what you want, its what you get. so any coders or animators, i'd love to do a game, movie, or even audio with you! just get back to me soon if your interested


2011-06-25 22:41:55 by AngryPurple

Dear people of Newgrounds, I know that the animation I created for Robot Day 2011 was somewhat insulting and easily blammable. I rushed that out of exitement for getting my first animation software, Pencil, today. I'm younger and less mature than most of you users out there, so cut me a bit of slack, I'm just trying to get by here.


2011-06-25 20:05:56 by AngryPurple

YEAH! My first flash submission is up, and it isnt very good for mature people. good with young kids though.


Flash soon!

2011-06-25 10:15:19 by AngryPurple

YEAH! Today im gonna finaly get GIF animation software! expect to have a robot day movie from me soon!